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1. Axial expansion joints  
compensate assembly tolerances and thermal longitudinal expansion in the direction of the tube axis.  
2. Special designs  
can be applied in case of discerning applications or customer requests.  
3. Job/Career  
We are interested in motivated and committed staff. You can willingly send us your application documents without obligation.  
4. Quality of evidence Flexomat GmbH  
Flexomat GmbH operates a process-oriented management system. An efficient quality management ensures maximum delivery reliability and an implementation of our products tailored to the customer…  
Verschiedene Einsatzzwecke für Kompensatoren, Metallbälge und Metallschläuche – Flexomat GmbH  
7. Angular expansion joints  
absorb axial offset through angular movement  
8. Lateral expansion joints  
absorb movements vertical to the bracing plane  
9. Universal expansion joints  
absorb simultaneous axial, lateral and angular movements  
10. Vacuum hoses  
Vacuum hoses in diameter DN16-DN150 with KF or ISO-K flanges  
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