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The crucial component of the construction, the metal bellows, is calculated and designed as per the calculation and design regulations according to the state of the art and in compliance with the necessary material specification and tool sets for forming machinery/methods and in accordance with the operating parameters specified by the customer, such as

  • Operating pressure, inside or outside
  • Operating temperature
  • axial, lateral, angular movements to be compensated or in combination
  • Life cycle
  • Medium
  • Materials
  • Position of integration in the pipeline
  • Test conditions
  • inspection requirements


The applicable internationally recognised calculation methods are based on

  • the design by EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association) in accordance with DIN EN 14917 and DIN EN 13445 for multi-ply metal bellows
  • and in accordance with AD B13 for single-ply lens expansion joints.

On this basis, the components for connection to the pipeline, such as nozzles and flanges are specified and integrated into the design of the expansion joint. Further calculations according to general mechanical engineering rules are required for the design specification of pressure and force-transmitting components of angular and lateral expansion joints. Inspection by means of FEM is also carried out for highly stressed areas. The design is illustrated in 2D or 3D drawings, depending on the requirement. These drawings also allow the direct integration of the expansion joints in corresponding customer projects.

With the proven calculation and design methods and the specialised knowledge and practice of our engineering staff, we are in the position to provide easily comprehensible technical documentation, which covers almost all applications and is verifiable by any institute carrying out the acceptance inspection. On this basis, we are also able to produce, check and inspect the expansion joints through our own QA department or accredited acceptance inspection institutes.