Rail and automotive technology

Universal expansion joint as an flexible connector between cooling pipes

Expansion Joints and metal bellows for automotive engineering and rail technology

In automotive engineering and rail technology, the drive motors are exposed to constant movements caused by the inner, cyclical combustion processes and the external environmental conditions of the travel path.

The relative movements occurring in any direction between the engine, chassis, powertrain and exhaust system are compensated in modern designs by flexible, pressure-tight, pressure-resistant and durable components such as expansion joints, stainless steel metal hoses, or even metal bellows with special connections.

The flexible components specially designed for this purpose feed the fuel under high pressure to the motor and discharge the hot combustion products over the catalyst without any vibration.

There are also applications in the field of drive technology of rail vehicles, where sensitive areas, which are to be lubricated with oil or grease and work at high speeds under demanding conditions are encapsulated successfully and durably with metal bellows.

Meanwhile, the first applications in the field of alternative drive systems in the area of passenger cars are being tested. The focus of development here is particularly the hydrogen propulsion technology. In this technology, the excellent properties of the special metal bellows are used in the control of very high temperatures of up to 1000 °C.


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