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Flexomat GmbH

As a manufacturer of expansion joints, Flexomat GmbH has been offering specific solutions for pipeline expansion joints and metal bellows in the nominal diameter range from DN15 to DN5000 since 1999. Together with our customers, we develop a technical and economic concept, in which the stainless steel expansion joint or metal hose meets the individual requirements. Comprehensive investments in new technologies and cutting-edge manufacturing and design technology, as well as skilled engineers and qualified personnel, are success factors for high-quality and timely processing of orders.

Every expansion joint from our company meets the highest standards.

The expansion joint and the flexible stainless steel hoses with braid are used to compensate longitudinal expansions of pipelines due to temperature influence or to decouple mechanical vibrations from system components. Expansion joints made of stainless steel, rubber or fabric are used in many areas of machinery and plant construction, power plant technology, pipeline construction, railway and automotive engineering, building and facilities engineering as well as district heating pipes in a space and cost-saving manner.

The core business of Flexomat GmbH comprises the development, manufacture and marketing of:

Expansion joints

The expansion joint consists of a highly flexible metal bellows made of stainless steel and connecting parts such as welding ends, movable or fixed flanges or other custom components. It houses the medium pressure-tight and is also elastic. The metal bellows allows to absorb the necessary axial, lateral or angular movements of a pipeline. Using special stainless steels for the metal bellows and the connecting parts, the expansion joint can be used at high temperatures as expansion joint for exhaust air or aggressive media in chemical plant construction.

Flexible hose

The flexible hose consists of a pressure-tight, corrugated metal hose and an outer stainless steel braid, which is used for pressure stabilisation and absorption of the reaction forces.

In the nominal diameter range from DN6 to DN300, metal hoses are used in the most varied application areas of mechanical engineering and vacuum technology.

Vacuum hose

The vacuum hose consists of a dense, corrugated metal hose which is used in the vacuum range without braid. According to the cleanliness requirements, these flexible hoses are specially cleaned. We offer also vacuum hoses which are annealed to be free of any tensions caused by the deformation.

We are glad to assist you with the execution of your project and look forward to your inquiries.