Angular expansion joints

Angular expansion joints absorb movements perpendicular to the bracing lane. The reaction forces caused by the internal pressure are absorbed by the hinge frame.







In pipelines of larger nominal size and high pressure only tensioned angular expansion joints in the form of hinge-systems are able to absorb the expansion. Thus, for pipelines expansion joints are only installed as hinge-systems (combination of either 2 or 3 expansion joints). Those are L-, U- or Z-shaped. This requires additionally a 90 ° redirection of the pipeline. Thereby, stress due to inner pressure will be absorbed by the hinge tensioning. In case those systems cannot be applied due to missing space, special-purpose solutions like pressure-balanced expansion joints can be installed..

Types of design for angular expansion joints:

  • Single hinge angular expansion joint for movements in one plane
  • gimbal hinge angular expansion joint for omnidirectional movement