Welding technology


  • Production is based on the ISO 9001
  • Manufacture is in accordance with AD2000 and DIN EN ISO 3834-2
  • Welders tested in accordance with DIN EN 9606-1 and EN 1418 are employed
  • The welding processes are based on welding procedure tests carried out in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15614-1

Semi-automatic TIG welding

  • Welding the longitudinal seams of the sleeves with and without filler metal

TIG welding

  • Fillet welding – metal bellows / flange with filler metal


  • Make a welded joint between the oval flanged disk and pipe nozzle

MAG welding

  • Welding bracing parts to the expansion joints

Resistance seam welding

  • Overlapping welding is carried out on sheets of 0.6-3mm thickness
  • Primary application in the low pressure area

Orbital welding

  • for butt welds and flanged seams
  • mainly used for standardised welding seams for large quantities