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1. Flexomat GmbH  
Flexomat GmbH As a manufacturer of expansion joints, Flexomat GmbH has been offering specific solutions for pipeline expansion joints and metal bellows in the nominal diameter range from DN15 to…  
2. Vacuum hoses  
Vacuum hoses in diameter DN16-DN150 with KF or ISO-K flanges  
3. Axial expansion joints  
compensate assembly tolerances and thermal longitudinal expansion in the direction of the tube axis.  
4. Universal expansion joints  
absorb simultaneous axial, lateral and angular movements  
5. Angular expansion joints  
absorb axial offset through angular movement  
6. Lateral expansion joints  
absorb movements vertical to the bracing plane  
7. Power plant technology & plant construction  
These products are frequently used in the power plant technology and plant construction: Lateral expansion joints for movement in all planes Type LM 600/ 6/l 50/ R/ R - 950 DP 1,5 bar DT 130° C…  
8. Pipeline technology  
These products are frequently used in the pipeline technology: Lateral expansion joint with tension rod and ball joints for the absorption of lateral movement on all sides Typ RM 300/10/l180/ F/ F…  
9. Rail and automotive technology  
Universal expansion joint as an flexible connector between cooling pipes Expansion Joints and metal bellows for automotive engineering and rail technology In automotive engineering and rail…  
10. vacuum technology  
products from the shop bellows for vacuum to absorb vibrations of an vacuum pump Novel innovative technologies in science and industry require increasingly special conditions for their…  
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