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1. Flexomat GmbH  
Flexomat GmbH As a manufacturer of expansion joints, Flexomat GmbH has been offering specific solutions for pipeline expansion joints and metal bellows in the nominal diameter range from DN15 to…  
2. Job/Career  
We are interested in motivated and committed staff. You can willingly send us your application documents without obligation.  
3. Pipeline technology  
exhaust pipe bellows dismantling joints Universal expansion joint in a exhaust pipe Axial expansion joint for an easy mounting and demounting of valves or similar devices pipe system in a…  
4. Power plant technology & plant construction  
chemical plant power plant pressure balanced expansion joint DN800 on a gas turbine oil and gas industries biogas plants air systems exhaust technology (large engines, shipping…  
5. Renewable energy sources (solar-wind-water)  
Highly flexible metal hose to interconnect the commutators.  
6. Coupling components  
mechanical engineering expansion joint to seal a mechanical seal Metal bellows DN125, with high torsional rigidity for metal bellows couplings High torsional stiffness, compensation of shaft…  
7. General building service  
Expansion joints DN40 with flat sealing fitting AG1 1/4''  
8. vacuum technology  
ISO-K bellows DN80 KF bellows DN40 CF flexible hose DN40 CF bellows DN160 products from the shop bellows for vacuum to absorb vibrations of an vacuum pump Novel innovative technologies in…  
9. Rail and automotive technology  
rail vehicles universal expansion joints DN40 for transporting refrigerant Universal expansion joint as an flexible connector between cooling pipes Expansion Joints and metal bellows for…  
10. District heatingpipelines  
Axial expansion joints to compensate high axial expansion in district heatingpipelines. Construction optional as an double bellow expansion joint with an inside and outside protecting pipe Type AP…  
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