Test procedure

Dimensional check and visual inspection

  • Dimensional and visual inspection of the expansion joints and welding seams in accordance with DIN EN  ISO 17637

Non-destructive test (NDT)

  • Dye penetration test (DP) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3452-1
  • X-ray in accordance with DIN EN 1435

Leak test according to DIN EN 1593

  • Leakage test of the expansion joints

vacuum test according DIN EN 13185

  • Leakage test of expansion joints and hoses with helium at vacuum down to < 1x10E-8 mbar*l/s

Pressure test according DIN EN 13184

  • Checking the pressurized parts for strength and tightness using a constant test pressure

Pressure, load cycle and strength test in an independent test laboratory

  • By impacting with internal pressure and subjecting to cycled symmetrical movements, the expansion joints are tested for load cycle reliability.